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HOTLINEGLASS – Wire heating fields for laminated glass and car antennas in glass

PVB with placed heating wires fot heatable car windshields: HOTLINEGLASS Glass heating systems remove ice at the outside and mist at the inside of the glass.
Placed inside laminated glass, antenna wires in glass can substitute conventional car antennas.
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HOTLINEGLASS: PVB foils with placed heating wires for heating of car windshields

In order to supply also wired PVB foils to companies who do not own a Hamacher PSW/PST wire laying machine, we founded the company HOTLINEGLASS GmbH in 2005.
With the production facilities very close to Hamacher Maschinenbau GmbH HotlinegMit Produktionsstandort direkt gegenüber der Hamacher Maschinenbau GmbH, HOTLINEGLASS GmbH is acting successfully on the market with continuously raising turnover and in close cooperation with Hamacher Maschinenbau GmbH.

Modern wire antennas in windshields

Intensive development work leaded to another innovative product: Integrated antennas in lamminated glass can subsitute the optically disturbing car antennas.
The raising demand especially in premium cars leaded again to an expansion of the production capabilities. To satisfy also the high demand on the american market, in 2009 HOTLINEGLASS USA was founded with a cooperation partner.